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Essential oil blend

Peace of Mind essential oil blend

Peace of Mind essential oil blend


A luxurious scent exclusively formulated to ease the tension of your body and relax your mind. A soothing combination of English lavender, Roman chamomile and ylang-ylang, not only smells amazing, but is also a natural remedy to sleepless nights, truly bringing peace to your mind.

Add 5-10 drops into your diffuser or a pot of hot water, inhale gently.
You may also choose to include this essential oil into your bath ritual. After running the water, combine Peace of Mind essential oils (12 drops) with a carrier oil, such as coconut, jojoba or almond oil (15ml), and pour into the bath tub. We would definitely recommend completing this self-care ritual with your own choice of pink Himalayan sea salt, and stir the bath before climbing in.

Peace of Mind is your go-to for wind down, meditation or to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Use with our Peace of Mind ambient spray to maximise the fragrance and achieve best results.

Size - 20ml

We strictly use all natural ingredients and fine plant-based oils to create our essential oil blends. As a huge animal lover and advocate, creating vegan and pet-friendly products is a core value of Moonglade, we hope to bring awareness to our audience by using ethically sourced ingredients. 

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