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Essential oil blend

Peace of Mind essential oil blend

Peace of Mind essential oil blend


A luxurious scent exclusively formulated to ease the tension of your body and relax your mind. A soothing combination of English lavender, Roman chamomile and ylang-ylang, not only smells amazing, but is also a natural remedy to sleepless nights, truly bringing peace to your mind.

Add 5-10 drops into your diffuser or a pot of hot water, inhale gently. This product is your go-to for wind down, meditation or to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Use with our Peace of Mind ambient spray to maximise the fragrance and achieve best results.

Size - 20ml

We strictly use all natural ingredients and fine plant-based oils to create our essential oil blends. As a huge animal lover and advocate, creating vegan and pet-friendly products is a core value of Moonglade, we hope to bring awareness to our audience by using ethically sourced ingredients. 

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