Moonglade Candle

Essential oil blend

You are one of a kind

You are one of a kind


A bespoke natural essential oil blend dedicated to YOU. Every single blend is one of a kind just like YOU.

Design and custom-make your very own essential oil blend.

Explore a wide range of fine essential oils on our scent menu. Select quantity then click “ADD TO CART”, check the boxes of your chosen scents, you may choose up to 6 kinds of essential oils, and proceed to checkout.
At "NOTE”, feel free to tell us your note preference (eg. I’d like my blend to be more earthy/ floral/ sweet, etc.)

Add 5-10 drops into your diffuser or a pot of hot water, inhale gently.

Size- 20ml

We strictly use all natural ingredients and fine plant-based oils to create our essential oil blends. As a huge animal lover and advocate, creating vegan and pet-friendly products is a core value of Moonglade, we hope to bring awareness to our audience by using ethically sourced ingredients. 

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