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La Belle Époque

La Belle Époque

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La Belle Époque, means “A Beautiful Era”, is a significant period in French history when new forms of arts, architecture and literature flourished, and the nation was in its glorious, peaceful, beautiful days. Although La Belle Époque ended in 1914 and France, once again, was in chaos and wars, people nationwide, and across Europe still grasped every opportunity to settle down in Paris to pursue dreams.

Just like a lot of you history and art lovers, we are also fascinated by Paris in the Belle Époque. But more importantly, when we were designing this candle, we wanted to express the power of seizing the moment and always remembering and celebrating the good times, the beautiful times.

Created with botanical essential oils of French pear, the national flower of France, iris, and high quality coconut wax poured by hand into a blue and white marble vessel. The note of La Belle Époque will scent any room with the rich aroma of sweet pears and a subtle hint of iris.

Size - 320ml

Average burn time - 60 hours +

In order to unleash the ultimate clean-burning experience, we strictly use all natural soy wax and coconut wax, lead free cotton core wicks and fine botanical essential oils to fragrance the candles. As a huge animal lover and advocate, creating vegan and pet-friendly products is a core value of Moonglade, we hope to bring awareness to our audience by using ethically sourced ingredients. 

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