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Aroma is an impression that becomes one with the individual and memories for others, in fact, scent is a significant factor in creating emotional connections and memorable experiences. A complex emotion or memory can be triggered by a simple scent we inhale. 

Moonglade Scented Stories is the first Hong Kong based company that specialises in scent customisation and venue scenting dedicated to weddings using 100% natural and vegan ingredients. We understand of all the senses, smell is the most powerful and soul-stirring, and that is why, we are committed to creating a unique custom aroma that is just as important and memorable as your big day, a scent that is able to tell your personality, your love journey, shape the mood, connect people and bring back great memories and joy. 

Consultations for wedding venue scenting will be held by face to face appointment. We are here to get to know you and your unique story, needs and preferences. Together, we will explore various beautiful botanical essential oils and work on the design and styling possibilities, as well as the scenting method (commercial diffuser/ candles) of your bespoke aroma. When creating the scents, we also consider the location, theme, and colours of the environment, as well as the target audience that will be breathing in the scents.

More sessions can be arranged if necessary to perfect your bespoke scent. Please note that any alterations must be determined at our consultation sessions to avoid any future issues. 


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