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Sensory Branding

Marketing & Branding Through Scent

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It all begins with scent…

In today’s competitive business environment, offering exclusive and memorable experiences to consumers is critical to attracting target audience, winning long-term loyalty, increasing sales, and boosting brand recognition. While companies think very carefully about what their retail and commercial spaces should look like, too little thought seem to be put into their customers’ noses.

When entering a room, people immediately form an impression based on smells. The way your retail or commercial space smells directly effects the way customers perceive your business, which will have great impact on your sales and brand popularity. Science and research have proved that consumers are drawn into a retail shop because of its smell. Olfaction is the key element when it comes to delivering the total brand experience. The impact of having a signature scent for a brand has become highly crucial to businesses and marketers.

Moonglade Scented Stories pride ourselves to be leading the trend of olfactory branding in Hong Kong, and helping businesses to transform their interior space into a more unforgettable, more enjoyable and more engaging atmosphere.


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