Moonglade Candle


The inspiration behind Moonglade Candle.



Moonglade Candle was founded by Linda Tse, a busy professional based in Hong Kong who always had a love for scent and fragrance ever since she was a little girl. After designing her own personalised scent and teaching herself candle styling for her own wedding, Linda decided to follow her dreams and launched Moonglade, a creative venture that allows her to combine her passions in scent design, lifestyle, creative work and wedding styling. Linda dedicates her innate artistic ability to create memorable, unique, luxurious scents that are 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Every single home scent product was handcrafted with high quality ingredients, the designs are heavily inspired by culture, nature, art and places Lindaโ€™s travelled to. 

Moonglade Scented Stories, a service platform dedicated to bespoke signature scent and venue scenting. Being the first in Hong Kong to scent for wedding venues, Linda soon realised the opportunity to cater for events, retail and commercial interior spaces. Creating special scents that are flawlessly intertwined with stories and memories, Linda is determined to bring the very best and most exclusive sensory experience to her audience in everyday life.


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